About Us

MACE Academy is a martial arts / karate school located in sth morang between mernda, mill park, doreen and epping in the northern suburbs of Melbourne in Victoria

MACE Academy is a martial arts school with a HUGE difference.

We are more of a life coaching centre that as part of it curriculum teaches streetwise self defence and traditional martial arts.

Our main aim is to work on the all important LIFE SKILLS we know as parents our child needs.  Confidence, Discipline, Respect and Focus are our main areas of training, as well as Inner security, Patience, fitness/co-ordination and loyalty to ones self and family.

Our training is run with a no nonsense approach and whilst playing lots of educational but fun games, our blend of traditional karate (Shotokan), Hapkido (locks, holds and restraints) and streetwise self defence (military unarmed combat) over and over again produce disciplined, considerate children ready to face the challenges of life we all know lay ahead of them.

Let us educate your children in the power of saying no and the pride of self discipline they can take into their adult hood.

M.A.C.E Academy also runs adult classes and even a mixed family class where mums and dads can train with their kids!

So whether as an adult you may have decided to start training in Martial Arts for reasons such as Self Defence, Personal Development and for more Confidence.  Or as a parent you may be looking for that place to give your child something extra to help them meet the challenges that we all know lay ahead of them.  We feel we are uniquely placed to offer you one of the best Martial Arts experiences available not only locally but in the whole of Australia!

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