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  1. Jannet Kochuthara says:

    Mace Academy with Sensei Brad and his team of Instructors is the best Karate Academy I have come across. More than learning Karate, lessons on respect, discipline, the challenge to keep on trying and never to call quits are important in a child’s life. My sons, Jacob and Mathew, started here as Little Commandos when they were each around 4 years old. Now in Junior Group, they have both imbibed all these lessons taught to them and display them in every aspects of their life. I am happy and proud to be a mother of two boys who will grow up to be “Karate Kids” from MACE Academy.

  2. Damo says:

    Sitting at home & my 4 year old daughter jumped up did a couple of kicks & punches & said Dad I want to do Karate. I thought if your going to do it you better learn properly. I found a flyer from M.A.C.E in the mailbox the very next day, I took this as a sign. In we went to meet Sensei Brad for a trial session & she absolutely loved it & still does. The added comfort of a female instructor was a bonus & she was made to feel more than welcome (comfortable with all the instructors after a few sessions). Since she started training we have noticed a huge improvment in her confidence & co-ordination while also learning how to defend herself from undesirable people. We often hear her yell at her little brother at home, ‘SETTLE DOWN…..BACK OFF’.

    I was so inspired by Sensei Brad’s teaching techniques & the other sensei’s that I also signed up for the experience & have just recieved my Yellow belt last weekend. All the instructors are incredibly helpful & I would reccomend this dojo to anyone.

  3. Mark O'Connor says:

    We have both our boys learning karate with brad at mace acadamy and they love it. Having a staff of quality trainers the students are learning discipline and how to deal with situations sensibly and safely. Self defence is a huge part of this and is taught in a fun yet professional manner. The lessons are high energy and fast paced which keeps the kids focused and enthused. Everything is positive and that really builds confidence. We couldn’t fault Brad and his teams style and comitment. We couldnt be happier with the skills our boys are learning and highly recommend Mace Acadamy.

  4. Mary tabaki says:

    I am so Glad my daughter Laura joined MACE ACADEMY. I had been trying to encourage her for some time to join a Karate class, but to no avail. Anyhow, with her Bestie here ( Bethany ) and ( Bethany ‘s brother Liam ), I think that was a form of incentive for her to finally take the PLUNGE!!!!!! So, then BIG MAMMA BEAR ( ME) decided to join as well….After Julie messaging me about the FREE Adult lessons that were on offer…. Well, who could resist. Sensail Brad Draper, Sensai Darren & young Sensai Brad are wonderful teachers. I highly recommend this Academy for anyone new hoping to start out in Karate.

    • Sharon says:

      My son did Tae Kwon Do with a Grand Master in Houston. He didn’t start quite so young he was 7 or 8. He is now a 2nd degree black belt. I cidret his martial arts training in part for the remarkable amount of self-discipline he has. He graduated college with honors and will finish medical school this coming May. I hope your child stays with it through the upper levels.

  5. Tayla Ireland says:

    MACE academy isn’t like other martial arts or karate clubs. Mace academy is about helping kids build confidence, along with respect and disipline.

    I have been at mace for 8 years, and I know I have become more confident and give alot of respect for everyone. Sensei Brad has taught me morals that I use everyday.

    Mum said, within a week, Sensei got me standing still, in line, not moving for a whole minute. Beforehand I wouldn’t be quiet or stand still for anyone!

    Since I have became an instructor, I have seen kids become much more confident, and learn things they wouldn’t of known before, along with disipline.

    Mace is an oppurtunity to learn life skills, along with making friends, learn self defence and, with all of that, you have fun! Sensei is a great instructor who will work with anyone. He is friendly and is someone who you would be happy with teaching your kids.

  6. Daniela says:

    My son James joined Little Commandos when he was 4 1/2. 2 years later and he’s in the junior group. He loves his karate, and thinks Sensei Brad is a great Sensei. Lessons on karate are great, but learning about respect, focus and using your mind before your body is what I like the most. The challenge to keep on trying and never give up are life long, and the fitness is a bonus! We love it and can see a little Sensei in the making! Thanks to Brad and all his instructors, for providing an environment James as proud to be a part of.

  7. Julie Spiteri says:

    Watching Bethany & Liam train at MACE over the past year has been fantastic, seeing them gain confidence, increase their coordination and focus, whilst learning respect and discipiline, fills them, and me with pride, which shows in their smiles at the end of the each session. They love it.
    I enjoyed watching them learning important life long skills so much that I decided that I shouldn’t miss out, and have started training at MACE as well.
    Sensei Brad Draper and the other instructors are truly awe inspiring.
    I’m loving the challenge!
    Thanks for providing a great, well rounded, family friendly, dojo.

  8. Brad Griff says:

    I’ve been training with mace academy for 8 years and it’s great! Sensei Brad does a great job of always motivating everyone to do their best and always push to their limits. Thanks to mace academy I am more confident and now do things that I never thought I could do, even managing to become a karate instructor myself. Even as an instructor, I see a huge change in kids as a result of a boost in self confidence. Highly recommend mace academy.

  9. MOUSE SHELTON says:

    Ive personally known Brad for more than 20 years. I served with him as a member of the Australian Army. A Fantastic Soldier, Honour, Respect, Friendship & Family are all great Traits Brad stands by with his Heart. A Truly Fantastic Individual, with a Heart of Gold. Well Done Brad.

    Nige SHELTON

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