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Q.  Why not train with a martial arts club in a school hall, its cheaper

A.  Often “part time” Instructors teach at local Primary School Halls.  These guys can be “KARATE COWBOYS” who have done less than 10 years training and call themselves a head Instructor.  Im sure their hearts are in the right place and they think they know what their doing, but bottom line is they dont have the experience and knowledge to teach correctly.  Im not the same Instructor I was 5 years ago let alone 10.  The problem nowadays is that anyone with a black belt can call themselves a Sensei or Shihan, in the martial arts world NOTHING CAN REPLACE OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE.  Check out the instructors Black Belt, does it show signs of wear and tear, or is it it nearly brand new.  Ask them how long they have been training for, and who their previous Instructor or club was …. RESEARCH!  Dont trust your childs safety to just anyone.


Q.  What Martial Arts school is right for my child

A.   I would suggest you try a few differant schools to compare the instructors and facilities.  More importantly, you must ask the following …

1/   How long has the Instructor trained for?

2/   Who was his previous Instructor?

3/   What club did they originate from / Use to train at?

4/   Is the club/school associated  with a respected style or are they just out on their own?

If an Instructor wont answer the above, or even seems a bit reluctant to be up front and honest with you … STEER CLEAR


Q.  Besides the quality of Instructors, is their really that much differance training at a fulltime Centre?

A.   Absolutely!  Mirrors are the biggest thing. how can you correct or even slightly adjust your own technique if you cant even see what your doing!  An Instructor can also check “form and quality” from differant angles.

Safety mats already in place is also a big factor, as well as having ALL equipment on hand including heavy free standing punching bags.

Parents especially appreciate the fact that MACE Academy is fully heated and air conditioned, and have seperate viewing areas behind glass to stopping kids getting distracted helping them to concentrate and focus more.


Q.  What does MACE stand for

A.   Martial Arts Combative Education

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